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Who are we?

We are followers of Jesus from around the world who desire to see churches and disciples multiply in Macedonia (also known as "North Macedonia"). Pray4Macedonia exists because of the faithful service of volunteers and collaborators among the global body of Christ. 


  • Knows that extraordinary prayer has been present in every church planting movement in history

  • Promotes strategic prayer based on scripture and church planting movement research

  • Sends out brief, 1-minute prayer points through various channels

  • Asks everyone not only to pray but also to mobilize prayer through relationships and opportunities that God provides

  • Strives to make it easier to mobilize prayer by making it simple for people to sign up via Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp

  • Loves God, all the many people groups of the Balkan nations, and in particular North Macedonia ("Macedonia"), and in collaborating with all followers of Christ Jesus to fulfill the Great Commission

  • Strives to neither under- nor over-estimate man's role in church planting movements

  • Is not a political agenda* (though we understand Muslims will perceive it as such because Islam believes it should be the whole world's government), but rather an effort for sinners who have found forgiveness in Christ to share this Good News with others

  • Understands that there are security concerns in this context, so it never uses names or details that will endanger people or projects

  • Is a collaborative effort among different ministry organizations, denominations, and individuals and does not promote any particular ministry "brand"

  • Welcomes you to adopt this as your own to mobilize prayer for all the ministries and people groups of Macedonia.

*NOTE: Within this site, we refer to the nation known internationally as both "Republic of Macedonia" and "Republic of North Macedonia" simply as "Macedonia." This implies no territorial claim on the province of northern Greece known by that name, but we invite you to pray for the people of that region as well. Thank you for understanding!


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