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Praying Songs Over Macedonia

Praying songs is a powerful means of intercession. As you pray out the words of the music, you express the cry of your heart to God in a unique way. As you sing with your whole heart, your anthem can become a powerful proclamation claiming truth over dark places. Below is a list of songs to pray over the nation and people of Macedonia. 

God of This City


As you sing this song, pray and declare it over these major cities in Macedonia:

Skopje - pop. 506,926

Bitola - pop. 74,550

Kumanovo - pop. 70,842

Prilep - pop. 66,246

Tetovo - pop. 52,915

Gostivar - pop. 35,847

Štip - pop. 43,652

Veles - pop.43,716

Here as in Heaven

Elevation Worship

As you sing this song, specifically ask God to change the spiritual atmosphere in Macedonia.

Do it Again

Elevation Worship

"You made a way where there was no way, and I believe I'll see you do it again."

A song of anticipation and trust in God's Word, even before it has come to pass. 

Praise Him in anticipation of all that He will do in Macedonia.

Let it Echo (Heaven Fall)

Jesus Culture

"Let the windows of the heavens open wide and let it rain."

Ask God to pour out His Spirit in Macedonia and begin a movement towards Himself in that nation. 

The Gospel

Ryan Stevenson

"It's the Gospel that makes a way."

Pray for repentance that leads to a knowledge of the truth, and that God's children in Macedonia would come back to their First Love. 

Song of My Father

Urban Rescue

"There's nothing louder than

the song of my Father."

Pray that all over Macedonia's people would hear God singing over them in love. Pray that they would respond to this melody, and find freedom in Jesus. Pray that they would share this freedom with others, who will share with others, who will share with others.

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Have a song you are singing over Macedonia? Send us an email to share!
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